Seeking counseling is a brave step towards mental health and recovery. Caring for your mental and emotional health is essential, no matter your age. Life is challenging, and each of us will struggle in someway at some point. Getting help and support from a trained professional can be the key to positive change.

I provide in office and online treatment for adolescents and adults in a safe, private environment. Let’s get started on positive changes in your life

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    What We Offer


    Individual Therapy

    Strength based, Person Centered and Solution Focused individual therapy for adolescents and adults.


    Walk & Talk Therapy

    Some people find talking to a therapist while walking less intimidating than sitting face to face in the more traditional therapy setting. We offer walk and talk therapy at Garden City beach, Huntington Beach State Park and Brookgreen Gardens.


    EMDR Therapy

    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is used to reduce emotional distress related to traumatic events from the past that continue to impact present day life.

    Conditions We Address


    People who suffer from anxiety can’t stop worrying and are often fearful. Many times there are physical symptoms such as headaches, irritability, insomnia and trembling.Treatment for anxiety can provide relief for these and other symptoms.


    Sadness, loss of energy, sleeping too much, eating too much or not enough, feeling of worthlessness…symptoms of depression can affect all areas of your life. But depression is treatable! With treatment you can learn to cope with or eliminate symptoms, increase feelings of self worth and live a happy, fulfilled life.

    Life Transitions

    Marriage, divorce, death of a loved one, “empty nest” and other life transitions can be hard to navigate. But they can also be opportunities for growth. Together we can work through transitions and implement positive changes!

    Adult Child of Alcoholic (or addiction)

    Growing up in a household with a person who is addicted to alcohol or another drug poses unique challenges. Unaddressed issues from childhood can negatively impact current relationships. Therapy that addresses these issues can help you to better understand how your past affects your present.

    Process Addictions

    Behavioral addictions and compulsions such as gambling, internet, pornography, video gaming can cause issues in your life and your family’s. Do you really have an addiction? Is this behavior really a problem? Together we can assess the issue, and determine treatment options.

    Issues of Spirituality and Faith

    As a Christian Counselor, I am trained to provide therapy through integration of theology and psychology, providing you with a faith based foundation for change.

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